Bradburn Waste Disposal

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Bulk & Trash
Pile Removal

Acceptable Waste for Landfill:
Appliances (except refrigerators and air conditioners with freon), bricks and masonry material, concrete, clean rubble rock and dirt, construction related packaging, electrical components containing no hazardous material, furniture, mattress and box spring, metal, mobile homes, trailers with tires and fuel tanks removed, glass, non-asbestos insulation, painted or coated wood, plaster and drywall, plumbing fixtures, plywood, small amounts of food waste consumed at C&D projects, trees, brush, sod, untreated wood and sawdust, vegetation from land and grubbing, wall and floor coverings and wood pallets.

Bradburn Waste Disposal 316.686.1959

Unacceptable Waste for Landfill (Must Be Brought to Transfer Station):
Buckets, bulk leaves and grass clippings, clothing, common house garbage, computer monitors or other computer components, drums and containers even from construction sites, electrical equipment containing hazardous material, paint cans, sheets-towels-pillows-other household bedding, spray paint cans or containers, tires, toys, trash bags, tv's, vcr's stereos and similar electronic waste.
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